Maria Cristina Carbonell is a practicing artist whose oeuvre spans drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and video. Never shy to experiment with new media and material, her introduction to the carpet house of Odabashian excited the artist, sparking the idea of making a rug. In this instance translating and enlarging an extant painting of the artist: “Pleasure.”

As a reproduction, the rug rendition is meant to be hung on the wall as tapestry, and indeed does so adorn the studio of Carbonell. Measuring 9'2" x 10'5" (2.80m x 3.18m) and densely tufted of New Zealand wool in China, “Pleasure” simply represents a cup of black coffee with smoked cigarettes left neglected on a patchwork tablecloth. It is, in the words of the artist, “­One of my best pieces.” We simply love the playfulness of this commission by the artist.

Photograph by Claudia Uribe Touri.

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