Hindu and Buddhist traditions identify numerous chakras, or focal points in the psycho-spiritual subtle body, which not only reside within the physical human form but also influence the health and well-being thereof. The Solar Plexus or Manipurna—which translates as “resplendent gem” or “lustrous gem”—is said to provide the actual momentum to move forward and realize personal desires and intentions in the physical world. Typically represented by a triangle in a circle, and surrounded by ten lotus petals, its coloration ranges from sun to golden yellow. It also provided inspiration to the firm Chaccra,­­­ which endeavors to create timeless housewares—including rugs—that inspire cultural engagement and inclusivity, bridging occidental and oriental perspectives by harnessing ancient Nepali and Tibetan craft techniques in order to create design suited for today’s globally-influenced consumer.

Behold! Saura by Chaccra.

Handknotted in Nepal of pure Tibetan Highland sheep’s wool utilizing traditional Tibetan methodologies.


According to Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated, born again each time it rises from the fiery ashes of its demise. But the ancient Greeks do not hold exclusive domain over the myth; this reincarnating winged creature exists in cultures the world over.

Maria Cristina Carbonell is a practicing artist whose oeuvre spans drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and video. Never shy to experiment with new media and material, her introduction to the carpet house of Odabashian excited the artist, sparking the idea of making a rug. In this instance translating and enlarging an extant painting of the artist: “Pleasure.”

As textural and familiar as a coarse and nubby couture tweed, as richly hued as a radiant sunset reflecting sea and shore, the perpendicular striae of this rug hint at the woven nature of textile. The placement of color conveys the appearance of age, patina, and wear as well as a hint of the unknown, hidden by static.

Nature’s inherent beauty is difficult to compete with even as it is so often cited as inspiration for a wide range of interior furnishings. Not only rugs and carpets call Nature muse, but fabric, wallpaper, tchotchkes, and more. And, now, as more exterior living spaces seek to ‘transfer the warmth of interior spaces to the outside world,’ how can a rug chosen to define and transform an outdoor space into a comfortable living environment compete with the natural beauty that surrounds it?

A little bit nautical with its pennant-like motifs, a little North American charismatic with its braided texture, and a whole lot of Mid-Century appeal with its distinctive color palette, The Clare Collection from Feizy is a delight of modernity in more ways than simple visual appeal. Aesthetics aside, a hallmark of Mid-Century was an underlying desire for functionality, and the rugs of the Clare Collection deliver that same appeal using materials of today.

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