Nature’s inherent beauty is difficult to compete with even as it is so often cited as inspiration for a wide range of interior furnishings. Not only rugs and carpets call Nature muse, but fabric, wallpaper, tchotchkes, and more. And, now, as more exterior living spaces seek to ‘transfer the warmth of interior spaces to the outside world,’ how can a rug chosen to define and transform an outdoor space into a comfortable living environment compete with the natural beauty that surrounds it?

The answer is, it cannot. But the secret strength of artifice is that it can expertly complement it.

The ‘Tres Texture’ collection by nanimarquina arises from this desire. This first outdoor rug collection from the venerable firm translates several of its existing designs, most notably the Tres Stripes and Tres Texture collections, replacing the original wool, felt, and cotton materials with those more suited for the out of doors, namely PET or, as it is more commonly known, polyester.

By combining ancestral weaving techniques with innovations from this era, nanimarquina has created a highly textural carpet capable of not only
enduring the harsh realities of water and weather adversities, but bringing warmth to open-air environments.

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