Carpets have been layered over wall-to-wall sisal, upon one another in aristocratic garden parties, and sprawled in Bedouin tents. They’ve been used as the top—and most beautiful—layer covering beds, laid on tabletops at a time when their rarity all but forbade use on the floor, and have now—though the look is far from de rigueur—been featured layered in countless films, television shows, and noted interiors.

Evocative of the charm of a collector and joie de vivre of those with an eye for less conventional decorative fare, layered carpets are a sophisticated way to add depth, style, and interest to a floor. The Broken Persian Tabriz from S & H Rugs incorporates this ambiance, merging the layered look with today’s effaced style, to create a singular and compelling carpet worthy of a last look.

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Broken Persian Tabriz Shown in Multi Green 8.0’ x 10.0’ (2.40m x 3.00m) Made in India, Persian Knot, 100kpsi 70% wool w/oxidation and 30% art silk pile on cotton. Available in standard sizes as well as custom.

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