Red is an emotionally intense color that demands attention like no other—it is literally in our hearts and blood. Our summer‘s quest for passionate flo­­­­or fashion was fulfilled in all constructions and qualities from classic to modern design interpretations and everything in between.

“Whether they’re used in large or small doses, shades of red simply never seem to go out of style.” ARIEL KALATY, KALATY RUGS

Feizy’s Rawlins Collection is printed but based on traditional Persian designs. Marketing Manager, Emily Stone May noted, “They are a great example of Feizy’s commitment to innovation without losing our roots.”

“Reds always make exciting fashion statements and fit comfortably into all décor style genres,” said Ariel Kalaty. “Whether we use them in big ways as ground colors, as border colors or in smaller ways as accent colors, reds of all shades have a long history in the rug world.”

Nourison‘s Persian-inspired power-loomed Passion Collection in propylene is ­brilliant in its color story and pours forth an array of gold, lapis and amethyst details, all richly displayed on a ruby-red ground.

“Red is a particular color when dealing with rugs; it is not a traditional choice when furnishing a space; thus, individuals who employ the color red generally love it.” TSULTRIM TENZIN, FRENCH ACCENTS

Carissa Near of Unique Loom said she feels red rugs don‘t get the love that they should. “Red reminds us of the tradition and the art of carpet weaving. It reminds us of our roots…”

No worries. Red Rugs, we love you.

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