How do you do new Oushak? Companies featured in our Fall 2022 style focus told us: It’s in the design refresh, the quality, the knot, the yarn, and the COLOR. Using phrases such as a fusion of modern and classic—you get the idea.

“The true beauty of these modern Oushak rugs is that there’s a rug for every style preference — whether you like more neutral, earthy tones or bold, rich colors.” PATRICK BORN, SURYA

“Oushak rugs are easily recognizable—their unique detailing and high-quality craftsmanship create an indistinguishable, elevated look. We have taken these classical designs and given them an exciting re-fresh by adding new vibrant hues for a modern twist,” says Surya’s Patrick Born. ­­­­

Arturus from Samad’s Caspian Collection, made in collaboration with Teddy Sumner, features a Turkish knot in thin antique-like construction. Large angular floral patterns use natural vegetable dyes that produce rich contemporary colors.

Kalaty’s Andana collection, hand-knotted using a blend of premium hand-spun wool and luxurious Silkette™ yarns, features vibrant pops of energetic on-trend colors to provide a stylish update to classic floral motifs.

“Tamarian reimagines an Oushak to create a ‘NEWSHAK’ called Rorschach using our Phoenix Weave,” says Ned Baker. “We saw an opportunity to grow our repertoire by using traditional elements and making them fresh with our innovative, new quality.”

With a never-ending supply of inspiration from artisans from across the globe, these beautiful contemporary Oushaks are more than a fashion trend.

“We continue to be impressed by the quality and color combinations created by our sources,” says Aria Momeni.

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