When we prompted a search for naturally-inspired rugs in organic tones using natural fibers like wool and silk, the responses we received were visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Tamarian’s Ned Baker reflected, “Nature has always had an important influence on the aesthetic of our work; from the use of renewable fibers such as hemp, allo, and sunpat in our weaving to the creation of our newer Silver Flax color palette that is inspired by natural tones, ‘bringing the outdoors in’ always elicits a positive response from the market and seems to satiate a certain desire we have to surround ourselves with the natural world, even when inside our home.”

“We would define Au Naturel as: Natural inspiration in soft, neutral tones and an organic feel.“ NOURISON

“We are loving the textured natural trend, especially with our hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind rugs,” said Carissa Near of Unique Loom. “The textural designs on our rugs complement the neutral tones and bring a sense of depth to a space that might otherwise fall flat.” Designs such as Alicia Keshishian’s Dreamtree embody the Au Naturel theme with its background of undyed Mongolian wool. In Shalom Brothers artisanal Natural Collection, raw wool is converted to a wondrous sheen and feel with a natural abrash appearance. From traditional and transitional, to contemporary and tribal design, our Au Naturel selections are authentic in material for lasting beauty by design.

“For us, Au Naturel is anything that feels easy and sophisticated. It is a breath of fresh air in the morning sun and miraculously timeless.“ WOOL & SILK RUGS

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