Giving the impression of folded and pleated fabric, perhaps drapery, or even the curtain which demarks the end of a spectacular performance, the soft and elegant design of Plissé embodies a further playfully graphic nod to the world of scenography. Paired with the delicate movement of the design’s drawing which reveals hints of pure silk in the faux lining of the layered fabrics, the resulting composition evokes the trompe l’oeil spirit of Roberta di Camerino’s now iconic designs from the 1950s.

Ostensibly, Plissé is a simple three-dimensional visage of three colors. Yet to achieve the depth and nuance required to convey a convincing illusion of reality, a total of twenty-three shades of color are employed; further accentuation is realized through the deft shaving and carving of various pile heights across the entirety of the design. In short, texture and aesthetics unite in visual delight.

Designed by Cristina Celestino for cc-tapis, we’re hopeful for an encore asking, “Yes, Plissé, can we have some more?”

Image courtesy of cc-tapis

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