Kalaty Rug Corporation brings a broad range of the company’s latest product offerings to the 2021 Las Vegas summer market giving both old and new customers the opportunity to discover the company’s latest high fashion, wide-ranging area rug introductions in all style and weave categories. While the company’s artisanal hand-knotted products at the high end are a primary focus in the Kalaty Las Vegas showroom (World Market Center, B455), color fashion and luxurious textures play a leading role across all style classifications, constructions and price ranges.

“We are bringing one of our largest new-product presentations ever to Las Vegas this summer,” says Mike Kalaty, a company spokesperson. “Because many Las Vegas market attendees may not have seen our line in person for as much as a year, some will be seeing the full scope of our 2020 and 2021 introductions simultaneously. Las Vegas summer market customers will see our most recent heritage hand-knotted collections, additions to best-selling collections as well as a broad array of fashion-forward new designs in our more popular-priced K-TWO collections. For those looking for something totally unique, we have a large number of exciting one-of-a-kind designs in our hand-knotted classification, plus we always like to have a few surprises on hand to give customers glimpses into future designs and collections.”

Particularly noteworthy examples of Kalaty’s attention to color and fashion trend are evident in energetic contemporary abstracts, classic traditional designs rendered in refreshing modern color palettes as well as handsome transitional designs featuring stylish tonal neutrals. The double-sided Soumak collection, one of the company’s all-time best sellers, has recently expanded to include a number of modern color-splashed abstract designs, several of which are being shown for the first time in Las Vegas. And, as the company expands its successful ongoing licensing partnership with celebrated fashion designer Josie Natori, Kalaty will highlight the N Natori series of chic power-loomed rugs designed and marketed under the highly respected N Natori fashion label. Las Vegas market customers will be able to see a stylish presentation of the first three N Natori collections – N Natori Serengeti, N Natori Bliss and N Natori 24-SEVEN, Kalaty’s first indoor-outdoor collection of designs inspired by Josie Natori’s unique fashion textiles.

Seven collections – Lucid, Aurora, Citadel, Denali, Ethos, Lumina, Omnia, and Sonoma – have been added to Kalaty’s open-distribution K-TWO series in 2021. Ranging in style from relaxed transitional designs to high-energy contemporary abstracts to updated traditional patterns and ranging in weaves from hand knotted to hand tufted to hand loomed to power-loomed, the K-TWO series now comprises 24 collections with new designs constantly in various stages of development as the K-TWO series continues to grow and thrive.

Newest hand-knotted collections include:

Khotan Collection
Equally at home in both traditional and modern settings, this vintage-inspired collection emulates many of the classic motifs and designs found in treasured antique Khotan rugs. Hand knotted using a combination of fine wool and Silkette™ yarns in stylish easy-to-live-with colorways.

Lyra Collection
A stunning high-end collection of classic traditional florals and other highly desirable motifs meticulously hand knotted using premium hand-spun wool yarns and featuring zero pile. Available in an assortment of today’s favorite designer colors for that extra-special allure.

Talora Collection
Fresh palettes of eye-catching modern colors add an element of fashion chic to the various graphic tribal motifs and intriguing global patterns found in this stylish collection. Each rug is meticulously hand knotted using premium hand-spun wool yarns and features zero pile.

Adana Collection
Vibrant pops of energetic colors provide a stylish update to the patterns and motifs of this heirloom-worthy collection of trendy oushak designs. Meticulously hand knotted using a blend of premium hand-spun wool and luxurious Silkette™ yarns, this perennially classic rug genre is elevated to a newly refreshed level of fashion chic.

Ankara Collection
A bold modern palette of colors gives this collection of classic hand-knotted oushak patterns a stylish update. Meticulously handcrafted using a blend of premium wool and Silkette™ yarns, these exceptional rugs capture the essence and unique character of the timeless, popular oushak style genre.

Privé Collection
A high fashion collection of modern designs awash in soft muted colors. Meticulously hand knotted in a Tibetan weave using premium hand-spun wool and natural silk yarns, each of these ultra-luxe rugs is carefully carved by hand to enhance its textural look and luxurious feel.

Rivage Collection
Crafted by hand in a Lori-Loom™ weave using a combination of wool and Silkette™ yarns, this elegant collection of “erased” vintage traditional and transitional designs replicates the look and feel of fine hand knotted styles.

Hand-knotted collections with new additions include:

Soumak Collection
A collection of eclectic double-sided flatweave designs that now includes high-energy modern abstract patterns in addition to traditional, updated-traditional, transitional, boho, tribal and southwestern styles. Hand knotted using 100% premium wool yarns on a cotton foundation, these highly versatile reversible rugs feature a unique herringbone texture inherent in the soumak weave.

Milano Collection (above)
Traditional with a modern vibe is just part of the story in this collection which features meticulously hand-knotted borderless patterns made of 100% Silkette™. Collection highlights include a variety of popular “broken” designs and patterns with casual-yet-sophisticated marbled effects.

Equinox Collection
Modern colors and “broken” transitional motifs fuse together in this artistic collection. Hand knotted in a Tibetan knot weave using a combination of wool and Silkette™, selected rugs feature the added dimension of hand carving.

Infinity Collection
An eye-catching collection of contemporary abstract rug designs perfect for anyone looking for just the right touch of modern flair. Hand knotted using 100% premium hand-spun wool.

Juno Collection
Modern abstract studies in dimensional texture and high-energy explosions of color are hand knotted in a Tibetan knot weave using 100% Silkette™ yarns. Most designs are hand carved for unique high-low textural effects.

Torano Collection
A chic multi-dimensional Tibetan-weave collection that exudes elegance on many levels. Hand knotted in a high-low pile using premium hand-spun wool combined with luxurious natural silk yarns, these rugs with their soft colors and subtly erased patterns speak to both traditionalists and modernists alike.

N Natori collections include:

N Natori 24-SEVEN Collection
Showcasing an eclectic array of fashion designer Josie Natori’s globally inspired textile designs, the 24-SEVEN collection features an artistic array of rugs with her versatile approach. Power-loomed of resilient, easy-to-clean polypropylene, your space will instantly come alive whether indoors or outdoors.

N Natori Bliss Collection
This rug collection features Natori prints reimagined where geometrics blend beautifully to transform any space into pure Bliss. Power-loomed using a combination of viscose and acrylic yarns, these rugs feature a knots-per-square-inch (KPSI- 260) that is equivalent to that of many hand-knotted rugs.

N Natori Serengeti Collection
Featuring animal-inspired prints that tie back to the World of Natori, the subtle color palette provides expression without overpowering your space. Power-loomed of polyester yarns, the knots-per-square-inch (KPSI- 260) of these fine rugs is equivalent to that of many hand-knotted rugs.

The latest K-TWO collections include:

Lucid Collection
Artisan crafted in a Lori-Loom™ weave using luxurious Silkette™ yarns, this collection of printed patterns offers creative color-splashed modern abstracts as well as stylish erased designs.

Aurora Collection
Power-loomed of 100% polypropylene in a trendy mix of styles and patterns in a modern fusion of colors and designs that make a bold fashion statement. These chic rugs will provide the ideal base to anchor rooms with a range of décor options.

Citadel Collection
With its trendy assortment of motifs, patterns and styles, you will find distinctive global influences and creative artistry in this eclectic rug collection. Handcrafted in textured Lori-Loom™ weaves of microfiber yarns, these fashionable rugs offer more than just trendy good looks due to their wearability and their cleanability.

Denali Collection
Power-loomed of 100% polyester yarns, this collection of printed designs includes an assortment of rugs in styles that range from traditional to modern and in colors that range from soft to bold, offering something for nearly everyone to express their own unique personal style.

Ethos Collection
An especially chic collection comprising updated-traditional patterns plus patterns of a more transitional genre, which together suit a variety of décor styles. Power-loomed of 70% viscose/30% polyester yarns, these rugs have a knots-per-square-inch equivalent (320 KPSI) similar to many fine hand-knotted styles.

Lumina Collection
For anyone looking to refresh the look of their rooms, the rugs in this collection are just the ticket. Power-loomed using a combination of polypropylene and polyester yarns, these stylishly simple modern designs and updated-traditional patterns provide an abundance of mood-changing looks to reinvent any space.

Omnia Collection
Color is key to this collection of printed power-loomed rugs made of 100% polyester yarns. Each of these abstract rug designs features fashion colors that are fused together in ways that are uniquely … and simultaneously … both modern and traditional.

Sonoma Collection
Power-loomed of 100% polyester, this exciting collection of worldly traditional and tribal designs exudes a uniquely global vibe. The various colors, patterns and distinctive motifs found in these bordered and borderless area rug designs will greatly elevate both the look and enjoyment of every room.

K-TWO collections with new additions include:

Modena Collection
An eclectic indoor-outdoor collection of designs that now includes a stylish mix of updated-traditional patterns in modern fashion colors as well as casual contemporary and tribal/southwestern designs. Power-loomed of 100% polypropylene yarns, these versatile rugs add artistic color and pattern to any indoor or outdoor living space.

Polaris Collection
New designs are being added to this handcrafted collection of 100% wool rugs that feature a thick shag-type of pile. This exuberant collection of delightfully casual modern abstract designs includes a range of fun fashion colors that are an ideal complement for many of today’s popular modern furniture styles.

Theory Collection
The high-quality plush pile of these special rugs provides comfort underfoot and an artistic anchor for a variety of today’s trendy furniture styles. Power-loomed of 100% polypropylene, styles in this collection range from contemporary abstract designs to transitional to updated-traditional patterns that feature today’s popular “erased” effects.

Headquartered in Hicksville, NY, Kalaty Rug Corporation has showroom locations in Las Vegas (World Market Center, B-455) and High Point (IHFC, G-369). For dealers and designers not attending in-person markets, the company offers by-appointment virtual showroom tours.


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