Obeetee, India’s largest luxury carpet maker, announces new collections ahead of New York Market Week. The new releases, under the direction of Obeetee’s Creative Director Anu Gupta, include numerous hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flatweave rugs. In addition to the new rug collections, Obeetee also plans to continue its expansion into home decor with the introduction of colorful cushion collections.

Of the new collections, Obeetee designer Molly Gorlick said, “We were eager to play with color this season since interior trends have dramatically shifted into color play and pop accents. Additionally, we wanted to play with texture, exploring vintage finishes and pile variations.”

Obeetee anticipates some changes in the Spring 2019 market due in part to the increase of smaller, direct-to-consumer brands. Patricia Ben-Zvi, President of Obeetee Inc.(Obeetee North America), said, “Boutique Internet home concepts are gaining traction quite quickly. Their customers are looking for something that feels well-designed and honest while simultaneously durable and price- conscious.”

Ben-Zvi expects that retailers will be shopping for styles that feel natural, organic and worldly with a modern twist. Citing the influence of our global society Ben-Zvi said, “People are looking for worldly inspired styles in modern colors, something that doesn’t necessarily feel unfamiliar, but does feel new.”

The Obeetee showroom is located at 137 West 25th Street, 12th floor, New York, NY 10001


Published verbatim courtesy of Obeetee.

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