Nourison and HGTV star Nicole Curtis partnered to create a line of vintage-inspired Persian rug designs for a new collection that debuted at the fall High Point Market. A few months back, Nourison announced it was partnering with Nicole Curtis, a designer and HGTV star of Rehab Addict Rescue and Rehab Addict, on a new collection of accent rugs, area rugs decorative pillows, and more.

Designs shown are from the Nicole Curtis 57 Grand Series 1 collection featuring washable, vintage-inspired Persian designs.

The resulting collection, named 57 Grand by Nicole Curtis Series 1, features washable, vintage-inspired Persian designs as well as flatweave area rugs with a modern sense of color and style. The rugs have distressed effects and rustic vibes, and are made from a soft blend of lightweight cotton and chenille.

The line was a big hit at the fall High Point Market, according to Nourison, and to learn more about the inspiration behind the new line, how the partnership came about, and how the design process works, we reached out to Curtis to see what she had to say. 

First, as with most partnerships, she notes that the formation of it was not a quick process. There were so many things that had to be worked out before the launch at fall market. 

“We went through a lot of work to make sure that we would be able to create beautiful pieces that were reflective of my design,” she says. “The team at Nourison was so fun, and our product shoots were built around photos of my real houses—from window casing in the background to an antique trunk.”

However, she said she found Nourison a good fit for a partnership because she always makes sure that anyone she partners with understands how hands-on she is with her company—and Nourison did. 

“Every single item that is in my houses and on the show was handpicked and purchased by me” Curtis explains. “Our line had to be 100-pe­­­­­rcent reflective of what we actually have in real life at our houses. It also helped a great deal that Nourison was so familiar with my look and our design aesthetic.” 

Designs from the new Nicole Curtis lifestyle collection in partnership with Nourison.

When they first partnered, Curtis brought to the table hundreds of historic looks that fuel her creativity and they worked from that. 

"I have an entire floor of my house filled with material, samples, and even single items that I touched, tested, 

and loved before we took them to production,” she says. “I have a particular style, and I know exactly what the market has available. Nothing new is anything that I have I ever liked, which is why we make so many things ourselves or rely heavily on antique furnishings.”

And that was the inspiration that drove Curtis when designing the line. 

“I’m inspired always by everything old,” she says. “There is such an art to things created 100-plus years ago. The materials, the design—it all was handcrafted and unique. I find an old piece in a house and I do my best to recreate it.” 

And though Curtis has experience in partnerships and design, she did say that she learned something new about designing products since starting to work with Nourison. 

“I've always been one that has designed first around the question, 'when is it available?' Seriously, we are all dependent on the supply and demand of materials. That was something that didn't have to be explained to me as I do all the purchasing for our builds, but it was interesting learning the workings of getting an idea out of my head and onto a store shelf.   

“Our line just hit brick and mortar, my friends are so excited about this as they all love the furnishings of my home and have never been able to purchase their own as they are one-offs, either antique or custom-made. I can finally offer them a duplicate of what I have in my own home.”

Nourison’s co-CEO Steven Peykar added that Curtis’s passion for restoring old homes and for what she believes in made this venture a seamless partnership.

“Bringing the strengths of both teams together, we created a lifestyle program that reflects her DNA, while creating quality products at key retail price points that consumers will respond to,” he says. “The area rug, accent rug, and decorative pillow programs have been designed to layer and work effortlessly. We are excited for what the future holds.”


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