It may be cliche to emphasize the de rigueur palette of the season for a trends section, but what are trends if not simply a collection of similar things. As varied as the rug and carpet world may be—different qualities, materials, constructions, and so forth—color serves to unify, bridging the chasms.

It was only appropriate then to feature all of these ‘birds of a feather’ just as Zollanvari has done with their Feathers shown featured here with Starfield from Fort Street Studio, as we talk color—a current trend RUG INSIDER is more than happy to embrace.

Subtle treatments such as that from Nasiri and Lapchi serve as great counterpoints to more bold options from Art Resources and Karastan, while Nourison, Rueber Henning, and Rug & Kilim embrace a tonality rich with nuance. Alan Pourvakil reminds autumnal need not be so richly hued as it pairs nicely with the saturated work of Alicia D Keshishian. Capel introduces whimsey, as Art Resources does fanciful technicolor, but it is the more traditional rugs of Bokara and Kalaty that bring the palette back to home reminding style trends are no more than personal taste. New Moon and Robin Grey introduce a more neutral aesthetic which balances remarkably well with the rorschachian vibe of Tamarian leading to the only naturally inspired conclusion: Behold the beauty color.

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