There is an old saying which still rings true today—“the difference is in the detail.” As a businessperson, I subscribe fully to the notion of using this tactic to my advantage. We often tend to lose sight of the concept of placing our own business operations under the microscope, but there has never been a more opportune window to do so. It may seem a bit odd, but time will tell how fine the clarity was to your lens.

Various channels of business are slowly starting to ramp back, and with them, perhaps a golden chance exists for additional development. Time to grab hold of the figurative business mirror and place it in front of your current methods. Could it be after having been in forced hibernations for so long the perception you have of your organization is no longer reality, as viewed through the eyes of your customer base. Why not utilize this sudden awakening, to re-introduce or reposition your operation? It all starts from first possessing a willingness to do so.

You can look at the brand value and customer base more closely. What may have made sense in terms of offering what your business was known for prior to the recent long adjustment period, may not necessarily be timely or accurate anymore. When we place ourselves under this type of scrutiny in detail, only then may we see new ways of better connecting with our patrons. In the very near future, will the business landscape demand a different sort of identity from you anyway? Instead of waiting, it is always a sound practice to start considering change as often as it begins to seem necessary.

“The only way to stand tall as a business, is to periodically stumble and then consider how best to get up.“

It may also be true that some of the tactics which we all once had success with, may have since now become left in the wake of obsoletion due to consumer preferences changing and shifting. I have also found it to be a best practice when periodically reexamining what my approach currently had been to attract new customers, while simultaneously retaining the existing base. The only way to do so, always started with me first swallowing my pride and looking inward very closely at those potentially new business flaws which I had once accepted to be sound business decisions. First identify those types of current weaknesses, and then craft your new strategies from the key learnings contained therein. Most of it comes down to how close you are willing to deep dive.

It is always a good idea in addition to focusing internally on your outdated structuring, to also look externally and seek feedback from your base. Specifically find out how you are perceived by the those who frequent you. Gather the feedback from many sources, and then compare perception with reality. Some of the best laid plans are derived from those who have the strongest voices of opinion. Never be afraid to seek answers, and never have too much pride to accept what you are hearing back. The only way to stand tall as a business, is to periodically stumble and then consider how best to get up. With feedback, you will then flourish ahead of the pack much quicker.

In short, your previous efforts to grow, promote, expand, and conquer, may now be rendered ineffective these many months since the pandemic began. As time has become our lost opportunity, so too it offers us a chance to counter its effects. Never view your current business model as one which cannot be adapted. It certainly should. The only way it will thrive tomorrow, is by first shining that ole spotlight directly down upon it in its entirety, today.

From there … let the new make-over begin to show itself to you. In this fresh era, the sky can certainly be the limit in terms of new growth, new avenues, new faces, and new rewards.

Take the initiative to give your organization this type of real thorough, and potentially painful examination.

Seek your weaknesses and flaws first and then better understand what makes them now worthy of change. Reposition as necessary, rebrand as you see fit, re-strategize when the microscope tells you it is time to do so. Adjust it and refocus as often as necessary moving forward.

From there, leverage your new potential and business blueprint. Not only will the long-term health of your business respond but also know your customers will “thank you” in kind too through their continued, and loyal support.

As a businessperson, isn’t this what we always are striving for anyway? To seek long term sustainability, to adapt, to change, and to persevere through the most difficult of times. Somehow, I think we all can relate.

Let’s get back to business.

Here’s to deep diving in the opportune waters of rediscovery.

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