Zollanvari have recently completely an ambitious installation of thirty-four carpets, in various sizes, at the recently restored Oriana.Berlin Hotel in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood. Dating back to 1913 this architecturally stunning building has been completely and lovingly restored by its owner Dietrich von Boetticher via Dietmar Müller-Elmau with Hilmer Sattler Architects.

Reviving the identity of the legendary Oranienpalast Café as the building was originally known, the Oriana.Berlin now offers the ultimate in contemporary comfort in forty-one intimate rooms and spacious suites, a state of the art gym and treatment room, a Literary Salon overlooking the skyline of Berlin, and a huge Living Room with two open fire places, open kitchen, cozy restaurant, stylish bar, and a Concert Stage with a grand Steinway piano. This hidden gem in the cosmopolitan heart of authentic Berlin is reflective of the nonconformist individuality of Kreuxberg itself; a style reflected in the subtle oriental influences of the bespoke carpets made by Zollanvari.

According to Müller-Elmau the interior design embraces contradiction, understatement and complexity to create an open and relaxed atmosphere where locals as well as travelling aesthetes and cultural cognoscenti from all over the world will feel welcomed. Müller-Elmau opted for 100% highland wool in rich red tones of natural plant dyes. The wool was dyed using common madder, but the exact composition of the natural red dyes is a secret of sorts—older roots for darker hues and younger ones for lighter shades. The materials used originate from the Amaleh region in the province of Fars where carpets have been traditionally handcrafted by the Amaleh nomads of Iran for centuries. The simple design of a deep red field bordered by a lighter red is strengthened by the yarn being woven in different layers, creating a rich, harmonious and wonderful color abrash.

In essence, new modern gabbehs for the casual elegance of the hotel’s varied rooms from the firm that pioneered gabbehs.




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