Just in time for the fall season, Rug Retailers and Cleaners will soon be receiving their customized 2019 "Woven Treasures" advertising gift calendar published by Paul Shaper Productions. Each customized order is imprinted with a rug retailers and/or cleaners advertising message at the bottom of each month and the cover. Customized orders are closing soon.

For 26 years, rug retailers and cleaners have built business and customer relationships with this proven gift calendar that displays their message 24/7.

Gifted to their best prospects and rug lovers, it is an effective personal direct advertising tool that is distributed to customers and prospective purchasers from their shops, handed-out on deliveries and at events or mailed.

To get a jump on season promotions, many Retailers hand the calendars out in October-November. With the informative guides included on "Rug Care" and "How Handmade Rugs Are Made" that customers refer to, the wall calendar is proudly given out all year long. Paul Shaper claims that "It's really a customized rug catalog with useful information whereby their message is exposed throughout the year."

The trend-setting rug collection each year is carefully curated by the Shapers with enriching descriptions provided by Leslie Atiyeh. Graphics are influenced by the Shapers' many filming expeditions to the world rug centers and are meant to enhance the Rug Retailers' and Cleaners' customer relationship with their established carpet purveyor. This customized 2019 edition will be limited to only one publishing.

Non-custom versions will also be available at www.orientalcarpets.com.

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